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Don't Miss This Golden Opportunity

Hello guys .... ?

?Presenting India's Most Reliable and Best Earning App .... ?

What is Mall91? ? This is a Social Commerce Platform that You Can Use Through your phone More importantly, you can use this app to fulfill your Daily Needs such as Shopping, Recharge, Bill Payment or more. It has many Services including Entertainment, Gaming, Business, knowledge or Jobs, News and More

More than 50 lakh Indian people are using this app and millions of people are earning money through this app. The most special thing about this app is that you can use Mall91 for free in your phone and can earn up to ten thousand rupees every day from it .

Right true Best Plan

It is Very Easy to Earn Thousands of Rupees from Mall91 Here Once You Have to Work Hard and from Here You will Always Earn Money Forever ....

The income per person up to 15 levels in Mall91 will be something like this?

?Level 1 to 5.00 rupees
?Level 2 to 2.50 rupees
?Level 3 to 1.25 rupees
?Level 4 to 1.00 rupees
?Level 5 to 0.75 rupees
?Level 6 to 0.65 rupees
?Level 7 to 0.50 rupees
?Level 8 to 0.45 rupees
?Level 9 to 0.41 rupees
?Level 10 to 0.36 rupees
?Level 11 to 0.33 rupees
?Level 12 to 0.30 rupees
?Level 13 to 0.27 rupees
?Level 14 to 0.24 rupees
?Level 15 to 0.22 rupees

Now consider this modest looking earning in networking income ...

If a network is made in only 10x10 metric, that is, each Mall91 member adds 10 people with him, then your earnings will be something like this .... ?

Level. Members. Monthly Income
Level-1. 10×5.00 50??
Level-2. 100×2.50 250??
Level-3. 1000×1.25 1250??
Level-4. 10000×1.00 10,000??
Level-5. 100000×0.75 75,000??

This is just an example of 5 levels and in this you will earn every month [? 86,550]

So guess how much you will get from level 15 ...

Mall91 will Earn up to 15 levels, any member can add Unlimited Person with Him that is, there is no fixed like for Earning

So What is Thinking, Install Mall91 Application Right Now and Earn Money by Adding Your Friends and Relatives to Families and Make Life Better with the Help of Mall91 ....

((Mall91 joining process))

Download link of Mall91 application is given .

?Click on this and install the Mall91 app

1. Enter your mobile number
2. Enter 504MZJN Refer Code
3. An OTP will come to your mobile number. Enter OTP

You will also get ? 1 bonus for installing Mall91 App

Daily Withdrawal
Paytm - Minimum - Rs.3 Rs
UPI - Minimum - Rs hv.50 / -
Bank - Minimum - Rs.50 Rs

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