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The Importance of esign
A digital signature is an electronic version of a written document. It requires both the signing party and the recipient to agree that the document is valid. It must also be accompanied by associated elements to establish that the signature was created electronically. This requirement can be explicit or implied. If the recipient does not agree, he or she cannot rely on the document.
In the early 2000s, people were still learning how to use the internet, but as the Internet grew in popularity, more people began to conduct business online. During this time, a number of bills defining electronic commerce were introduced in Congress. These bills were eventually merged and enacted into the ESIGN Act, which became law on October 1, 2000. Although the ESIGN Act does not create a new regulatory body, it does provide guidelines for what types of electronic contracts are considered legal.
The ESIGN Act defines an electronic agent, consumer, and electronic record. These definitions are useful in interpreting existing laws on electronic records. Moreover, the ESIGN Act requires that all agreements that involve electronic signatures include the right to obtain a non-electronic copy, as well as language stating that the consumer can withdraw their consent at any time.
The ESIGN Act protects consumers and businesses that use them. It ensures the validity of the contract and gives the parties a legal recourse in court. With the rise of online businesses, the importance of esign laws has only grown.

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