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362 days ago

Best Matrix MLM Plan In India at affordable cost

In simple words, in a 2x2 matrix plan, each distributor will be compensated up to two levels and he or she would have 2 recruits under him. So, in total, there will be six members in his downline.
Know more about working of 2 x 2 forced Matrix MLM Plan
The working of 2 x 2 Matrix Plan is as follows.
In a 2x2 mlm matrix plan, the number of members a distributor can add as his downline at any level is limited to two. The number of levels from which a member can earn compensation is two
Know more about working of 2 x 3 forced Matrix Plan
2*3 matrix mlm plan will be having a total of 15 members in three levels and two up line levels. Each user will have to recruit two other distributors and he/she will get compensated until the third level. Each member of the network will have to pay a joining fee. There are basically two types of commissions in this plan.
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