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Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma 02nd Aug 2020

Earn $1000 Per Day.
A Real and Genuine MLCI concept for network marketing business.
Invest your future In blockchain-based technology projects platform's
? The company is registered from the Estonia in Europe since 2018.
? The company has revolutionized the crypto market. World’s first biometrics Bitcoin wallet with bio-matrix features which opens only with your finger prints.
? World’s first transaction wallet which provides ease of Bitcoin transactions through chatting mode and exchange of crypto currencies by safe mode by chatting with all over the world.
? Up coming project plans with an IPO of $150 million.
? World’s first network marketing company which is offering a stake in the company through its shareholder in the industry by mlm marketing to grow their community.
? The company already has 75 thousand investors all over the world.
? Zedxeassets is already working on land records for the Dubai Government on block chain mode and is providing their services.
? Zedxeassets has its own crypto currency exchange.
? Zfl token of zedxeassets is already listed on the coin market cap and other well-known 23 exchanges.
? Zedxeassets is a strong infrastructure, technology, community, public sector and a visionary company.
? Zedxeassets is bringing blockchain technology services with different assets like Dubai hotel management, factory, bungalow car education, automobile, industry etc.

? Zedxeassets business plan.
? Joining by Bitcoin / Ethereum minimum 50$
? Locking period duration 1 year.
? After one year, at the maturity company returns 100% of your principal investment.
? On 15% daily mode, the company gives life time from its autopool to whatever investors / leaders will be in this pool.
? In addition to this autopool, the company has 2 other auto pools and the second pool is 7% and the third pool is 5%, which can include investors and leaders with the investment of minimum 300$ and 1000$ respectively.
? Autopool income can be withdrawn every week on wednesday.
? The shares which our investors will take, those shareholders will also get some dividend here on quarterly basis as per the audit report.
? Share certificate will be issued after your id is activated
? The best thing here, your money will always remain young, even after taking all the benefits.

Leaders benefits
? Direct referral income 7%
? Binary / matching income 7%
? Networker can only take up to 5 times his id, after that he will have to re-top up his id.
? Networkers can get a maximum income of up to 1000$ per day here.
? Apart from all this, there is something here too, so what is the delay?

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So don’t miss your chance and join hands with
Please contact or whatsapp
Mr. Vijayy sharma
+91 9717730816
Email: [email protected]
Note - power leg and international support is available for the leaders.