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Power guard

Power guard 20th Apr 2022

Best juicer of power guard for your kitchen use

Presenting you Power guard Juicy a traditional centrifugal juicer most commonly used in homes, shops and hotels. A product every kitchen need. Blend your fresh fruits and vegetables with perfection and enjoy your great juicy experience with power guard juicer. The product comes in 450 watts power under an affordable price range with superior build quality and 100% copper winding motor that gives you a great hassle free juice making. Though there are many types of juicers are available in the market, but there are 6 types of juicers which are commonly used in homes. From those 6 types one of the juicer is centrifugal types, which is very often used in homes. It can mesh hard fruits and veggies easily. Basically, centrifugal juicers works on centrifugal force formula in which a metal cutting disc runs on an average RPM of 10000 to 25000 and mesh fruits and vegetables and extract juice to funnel attached.