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Epnoc Official

Epnoc Official 17th Jan 2023

EPNOC & Initial Coin Offering — An Introduction

Do you know that every crypto venture has a unique success story? EPNOC began its journey with a website launch and whitepaper development for initial coin offerings and its aim is to open its cryptocurrency exchange and NFT marketplace. Its focus is on doing something big and exciting. Therefore, it envisages a feature-rich platform that will enable users to trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs across multiple blockchains with unpenetrable security.

The first phase of ICO presales has begun on 8th Dec 2022, and its third phase is expected to end on 8th March 2023. Interestingly, The EPNOC’s token is also named EPNOC and it will be launched on 10th March 2023 on Pancake Swap. Thereafter, the essential procedures for the NFT marketplace, mobile app development, multichain bridge launch, cryptocurrency exchange development, and the smart contract audit will come into action.

Initial coin offerings will help in raising funds for completing each step of the upcoming project by selling EPNOC tokens. These are unique as they are specially designed to initiate fundraising for the launch of hybrid exchange and NFT marketplace with cross-chain trading capability.

Here are some more features:

Cross-chain compatibility.
The platform will use an exclusive revenue-sharing model, and it will use an advanced algorithm to collect trading fees from the users and share 50% of the profits earned through its revenue with the stakeholders every month.
The platform will have a peak value of 2 million/seconds for order-making and the peak value of order processing will be 1 million/seconds.
EPNOC platform will have multi-layer financial security.
There will be outstanding trading features, including Spot trading, Margin/derivatives trading, Technical & Social indicators, On-chain analytics, and much more.
It will come with 100% data security for users.
It will encourage traders to invest in multiple currency trading pairs.
Enables easy wallet integration.
The ownership of NFTs can be divided into smaller fractions by using smart contracts.