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stevejohnson 19th Jan 2023

How to sell your NFT assets using White Label Marketplace ?

What is White Label NFT Marketplace?

White label NFT Marketplace is a specially customized software that will handle all aspects of running the NFT Marketplace. The NFT marketplace source code is created by incorporating all of the features available in popular NFT marketplaces. The solution includes a license, allowing brands to launch their own NFT marketplace without incurring large initial costs.

Deliverables in White label NFT Marketplace

Our Hivelance team created a feature-rich white-label NFT marketplace. View the following list of features and deliverables that we offer in our product.

1. NFT marketplace smart contract
The logical activities of an NFT marketplace can be suited to the programmed smart contract combinations. The smart contract includes logic for pre-sale, whitelisting, public sale, reveal function, transfer ownership, and revenue distribution.

2. The NFT minting machine
The NFT minting engine can be used to advance the NFT minting process. Automatic uploading of digital art, minting, compression, and delivery of the final NFT address are all possible. We created the gas fee efficient minting engine.

3. Format of the auction
The NFT buy/sell process occurs on the backend, which can be monitored by smart contract logic. Fixed-price, timed auction, bidding, Dutch, Classic, Reserve, and No reserve auction formats are all available in our white label NFT marketplace.

4. User interface design
You can obtain the user interface that appeals to the NFT community. In terms of use, navigation, aesthetic, and responsiveness, the theme is appealing.

5. Search filters for NFT
Users can use the NFT search criteria to narrow down the NFT categories such as image, audio, collectibles, and videos. This is the standard functionality of our white label NFT marketplace.

6. Wallet integration
The user-pivoted element is crypto wallet compatibility. We have added numerous crypto payment methods and wallets in our software, allowing your NFT audience to immediately swap wallets.

White Label NFT Marketplace App Development

We provide White label NFT marketplaces in both web and mobile app versions. The app is built with the most recent stack and has a developer-friendly code structure. Our NFT marketplace app sample includes over 100 screens covering the complete framework. We leverage the Reach and Flutter tech stacks to create mobile apps that are easily scalable.

Hivelance’s Expertise in White label NFT Marketplace Solutions

Hivelance is the prominent White Label NFT marketplace development company capable of creating an NFT marketplace for X. We provided white label NFT marketplaces to a number of startups and assisted them with installation and deployment. There is always a competent developer team available to help your project anytime it is needed. We employ experts in programming languages such as Solidity, Typescript, JavaScript, Python, Swift, and Kotlin.

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