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Millicent Gill

Millicent Gill 26th Nov 2022

What is Killerpapers? maintains a private Instagram account with 130K followers. The Twitter page has 800+ followers but is private. It's not difficult to wonder what makes this service so popular.

KillerPapers is very invested in its marketing. It is quite active on social media. However, the followers are fake. The company uses this trick to get students to follow its Instagram page.

Online reviews are mixed. Some users believe it is the best service to hire. However, most users find it disappointing.

Our team decided to give an honest review. Continue reading; we ordered real paper to share our thoughts.
Let's get to the point: Does Killer Papers deliver as high quality as they claim?
The answer is YES. Although the cost is higher than usual, I am confident that any of the papers we bought would be scored at least 90% at a U.S. university or college.