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Ibiixo Technologies

Ibiixo Technologies 22nd Sep 2021

Why it is the right time to compete with OpenTable or Resy?

After the current pandemic situation, diners want to go out and carve their hunger with their favorite food. Also, they do not want to wait at the restaurant and put themselves in danger. In the same way, restaurants want more business but do not want to spend time managing their restaurant & don't want to pay high costs to OpenTable.

Apps like Open Table and Resy dominate the industry of table booking and restaurant management software with high charges. It is difficult for restaurants to spend much on table reservation applications. Having said so, it's high time for a new restaurant reservation app to come into the competition.

Due to all the factors, this is the right time to start a business with an app similar to OpenTable. So if you are planning to start a similar booking platform, Ibiixo can guide you better. Ibiixo develops a restaurant table reservation system similar to OpenTable and Resy for your successful online table booking startup.