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Welcome to ADD GURU

Part Time And Full Time Job
Very Easy And Excellent Income 

Dhamaka Add Guru

Free Registration/Joining 
ID Ativation Rs.1299/- only  
Sponsor ID: A12403491

Direct Income rs. : 600
Daily Task Income rs. 35/- Life time / Self income
Daily Self AD Clicking Income Daily  10 ads Click (35x30 Days) = 1050 Monthly 

Daily AD Clicking Level Income  By Network
1 level 10 rs Daily per Member 
2 level 9 rs Daily per Member 
3 level 8 rs Daily per Member 
4 level 7 rs Daily per Member 
5 level 6 rs Daily per Member 
6 level 4 rs Daily per Member 
7 level 3 rs Daily per Member 
8 level 2 rs Daily per Member 
9 level 1 rs Daily per Member 

10 to 13 level  0.25 rs Daily per Member 
14 to 15 level  0.25 rs Daily per Member 

Level Income  By Network
2 level 50 rs per Member 
3 level 45 rs per Member 
4 level 35 rs per Member 
5 level 30 rs per Member 
6 level 25 rs per Member 
7 level 20 rs per Member 
8 level 10 rs per Member 
9 level 10 rs per Member 

10 to 12 level  5 rs per Member 
13 to 15 level  10 rs per Member 

Team Roll Up Bonus 
This is Automatic Re-Topup/Repurchase Income Process

Minimum Withdraw Rs.400

Call/whatsapp : 7690001096
Sponsor ID: A12403491

Special Offer For Good MLM Leader 
15 Direct    = 2100/- rs 
30 Direct    = 5100/- rs  
50 Direct    = 11000/- rs 
100 Direct   = 21000/- rs 
250 Direct   = 51000/- rs 
600 Direct   = 1,00,000/- rs 

Daily, Weekly and monthly Gift..

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