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Steve Johnson's Timeline

Cryptocurrency Exchange script features and specifications

Hivelance cryptocurrency exchange script is developed with Laravel and PHP frameworks.The script is capable of supporting Coin Payment, Deposit, Withdrawal…
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NFT Marketplace Development for Brands

Numerous industries are being revolutionized by NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens).It has emerged as a savior for a number of businesses, enabling them to boost…
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Hivelance cryptocurrency exchange script

Hivelance gives you cryptocurrency exchange scripts with little code setup. Our cryptocurrency exchange script shares the same business logics & model…
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Buy Localbitcoins clone script at

We at Hivelance technologies offer localbitcoins clone script as well as installation support in addition. The skilled network admins, profound software…
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Decentralized exchange source code

Being in the landscape for over 10+years, technical experts at Hivelance are the backbone of some popular decentralized exchanges. We continue to deliver…
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